David – General Support Recipient david

David, a general support recipient, was extremely grateful that HCSS was available to him during a time of great need. HCSS helped David gain access to a local food pantry for his basic food needs and assisted financially with funds for a caregiver. When asked how having the caregiver had impacted him David responded, “She taught me how to fold clothes better like a military person, wash clothes, and made things easier. She showed me different ways to prepare food and helped me with my vocabulary.” David believes the help from HCSS was life-changing and his life is “easier and better now.”








Nico – General Support Recipient

The parents of general support recipient, Nico, felt that their son’s life was improved due to the help they received from Hanover Community Support Services (HCSS). Nico’s parents said, “We have been blessed beyond words by the HCSS! Through their funding and care, Nico has led a life that would not be possible without their help. Also, it has been so important to us that HCSS cares for and assists with Nico’s safety and medical needs. HCSS genuinely watches over its Hanover County families.”





Betty – General Support Recipient 

Betty, a caregiver for a family member with developmental disabilities, believes the help she’s received from HCSS is immeasurable. Betty said, “I don’t worry as much. Anything that happens that I feel like I can’t handle, I call HCSS and they give me answers and support. They helped us get started and through the support of HCSS, we have gotten as far as we have gotten.” Hanover Community Support Services facilitated getting a much need washer for Betty’s home, helped them gain access to a local food pantry, and HCSS supported Habitat for Humanity when Betty and her son with developmental disabilities were given the opportunity to become homeowners. Beyond helping provide basic necessities and tangible items, Betty believes HCSS is family. “They became my family when I wasn’t close to mine.”